Testimonial for Susan Lassiter-Lyons and Getting The Money Live


I had the opportunity and pleasure of attending Susan Lassiter-Lyons’ Getting The Money Live event in Denver Colorado last week. Wow! What a power packed event!  The event was sold out (it always is). 200 people attended and got the chance to hear Susan tell them step by step how to get private money to fund their real estate investing deals. I promised you a testimonial, so let me take care of that with this 41 second video:

Yes, I know I have just the face for radio, so here’s the text:”Susan Lassiter-Lyons sets the standard of excellence in real estate investing education. She helps you take the rocket science of real estate investing and turn it into rocket fuel! You won’t find a better teacher, course, or coach any where, at any price!”

Unlike many real estate investing events, this was not a pitch fest of numerous speakers telling you why you needed their course and then directing you to the back of the room to purchase their course to get any meaningful information, this event was all-Susan (with a sprinkling of her own power team). She provided detailed steps for putting you own program together as well as how to network with others and how to interact with your private money partners for ongoing success.  Susan and her team put together a magnificent event for those lucky (or smart) enough to be there. If you weren’t, make sure to catch the next one. Until then, you can still get her Instant Private Money course to get started. And if you want to be sure to be kept up to date on Susan’s private money courses, make sure you enter your name and e-mail in the box to stay informed!

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Get Your Private Money Questions Answered

Do you have one burning, nagging question about raising or using private money to fund your real estate investing deals?

Learning the how to of raising private money can make a life changing difference in you real estate investing success. I have written blog posts, e-mails and tweets about Susan Lassiter-Lyons’ Instant Private Money program, her Getting The Money course and her Getting The Money Live event. Susan is, with out a doubt, the best teacher, trainer, speaker on the subject to how to raise private money. I have done my research as well as purchased many products from most of the leading  trainers on the subject. No question in my mind, Susan sets the standard and everyone else tries to meet it. Now I am heading out to the live event in Denver, Colorado myself. If you are one of the lucky ones that were able to get in, look me up and say hello. If you are not able to attend, I will bring you back something from the three day event – an answer!  If you post a question in the comment section (the balloon to the right of the post title) or by leaving a reply, I promise to do my absolute best to ask Susan your question and get her answer, and  post the best of them. Every question will get a personal response, even if it does not make the blog post. Here is the link to the blog post where you need to pop your question: Your Private Money Questions and Answers

So here’s your chance – ask your question – I will get you an answer. I promise! Post Your Question in the comment balloon by the title pr by clicking Leave a Reply below.

Susan Lassiter-Lyons’ Getting The Money Live Event Preview – Not Peanuts

Looking for a way to fund your real estate investments that never lets you down? Then you need private money. What is private money? Simply, it’s using funds from a private individual or individual, to fund a real estate investing transaction. Big word – transaction. It just means your real estate deal. You know, the one where you found a real motivated seller and the numbers make great sense, but dealing with banks and brokers is making you   Squirrely– some of my best friends are squirrels. A friendThe answer to this funding dilemma is the Susan Lassiter-Lyons’ Getting The Money Live Event and online course. And I have a 10 minute video below that gives you a preview of the 3 day live event coming in September in Denver, Colorado. Check out the video below for a preview of the live Getting The Money Event as well as a review of the online course. And if you want to go directly to  Susan’s registration info page for the event my feeling may be a bit bruised, but I’m still pretty tough and can take it, but here’s the link to go directly to the registration info page: https://xj985.infusionsoft.com/go/gtm-live/reiwithkurt@gmail.com/

Here’s the Video Preview – Review:


Don’t ask me about the $200.00 but if you watch my preview/review below and then click the above link, chances are really good you will save a solid $500.00 on the registration AND get some really cool bonus items when you get registered. Why you certainly will have enough $ left over for a tasty treat for my friends in the park.


O.K. here’s the link to the registration info page again: https://xj985.infusionsoft.com/go/gtm-live/reiwithkurt@gmail.com/

Oh, and if you would be so kind to leave a comment on the video and/or this post AFTER you are done with Susan, I promise I will give the squirrels an extra treat in your honor.


Susan Lassiter Lyons’ Getting The Deals Live Event Preview

There has been a lot of buzz about Susan Lassiter-Lyons’ new Getting The Deals Live Event coming to Denver the end of June. This is going to be a jamb packed event in every sense of the word- jammed with content and jammed with people as the event is quickly filling up to capacity. Susan Lassitter-Lyons is a proven teacher of valuable and specific real estate investing skills. She has had the award winning real estate investing blog back to back for the last two years. She has numerous real estate investing home study courses and in widely known for having raised over twenty six million dollars in private money to fund many of the over six hundred real estate investments she has done or funded over the years. Susan’s courses are top notch – I know because I own many of them. I have not found an instructor that delivers more strongly than she does on any real estate investing topic. The Getting The Deals Live Event 3 day workshop is another example of top tier real estate investing training.

I created a video preview of what will be covered at the 3 day training. Looking over the agenda, anyone can see this is a different type of event. Susan will do the majority of the teaching with just a little assistance from her own 2 highly experienced coaches Bill Walston and Shae Bynes, and one surprise, secret guest. You can view the preview in the video below.

You can get all of the details about the Getting The Deals Live Event  including the detailed daily agenda and Registration here:


The regular price for this event is $997 and it will sell out quickly, but you can get a huge savings by taking advantage of the early bird discount that is good until May 31st, 2013 or the event selling out before that. That’s right, you can get in for only $497 AND bring a friend if you act right now! Once the event sells out or the 31st of May gets here, the full price of $997 will apply. Demand has been strong as many have already gotten their tickets. Don’t miss this if you want real estate investing training at its best.

Review of Susan Lassiter Lyons’ Instant Private Money Course

If you have had any frustrations as a real estate investor trying to get financing or funding for your real estate deals, you need to act right now to get the new course on Instant Private Money .

It is, by far, the most comprehensive program on setting started in using private money to fund real estate investments. The course consists of ten modules explaining EXACTLY what you need to do to start attracting private money partners into your real estate investing business. Having access to your own network of individuals that are just waiting to fund your deals is a Game Changer! Susan Lassiter-Lyons is renowned in real estate investing as the top teacher/coach on how to learn and effectively use private money funding. Using the concepts and methods she teaches, she has raised over 26.2 million dollars of private money to fund her real estate investing empire. I have known Susan for several years and can tell you you won’t find a better or more thorough source to guide you into and through the steps to adding private money to your own arsenal of real estate investing secret weapons.

Check out the Video above for an insider’s view of the course. I have included with this post to get a sneak peak inside the doors of this valuable course if you like but make sure you don’t miss the free training video on private money before she takes it down. Here is the link: Get Unlimited Funding for All Your Deals Now .

You can  Check Out the Short Training Video Susan is making available about her Instant Private Money course. If you need private money to fund your deals, you will could pay thousands of dollars other places for some the the detailed and easy to implement instructions Susan provides in the course, but if you act now, you can get this complete, stand alone program for just $97!  I and many others have spent multiple thousands of dollars for courses that do not measure up to the Instant Private Money training Susan is making available.

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