Is Susan Lassiter-Lyons’ Getting The Money program a scam? No, in my opinion, and here is why I say that.

Susan Lyons has been a real estate investor since 1994. Previous to that she was a successful mortgage broker.She has raised over $26 million in private money to fund various real estate transactions she has been a part of. Because of her success in that area and her experience in using portfolio lenders to finance real estate investments, she was invited to team up with Patrick Riddle and Trevor Mauck to produce the Private Money Blue Print program. Now she is offering her own course to guide both new and veteran real estate investors through the ins and outs of learning the exact steps to follow to find, attract and partner up with private money lender prospects to get real estate investment deals done quickly, and efficiently. The Getting The Money program is a complete course to get students proficient and qualified to handle every step needed to fund with private money funds.

So, if you are ready for more information directly from Susan about her Getting The Money course or you are ready to Get Susan’s Getting The Money Course, just click either of  the preceding links to go there.

Kurt Wells

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    • Thanks for your comment Steve. It’s not my private money course – it’s Susan Lassiter-Lyons’ Getting The Money course. You may have heard of Susan – she has raised over 26.2 million dollars of private money to fund over 600 real estate deals. Susan has taught many real estate investors how to raise private money. She is an excellent teacher. She teaches the concepts and strategies that have worked for her, and I find the way she does it appeals to me. Most of her courses offer teach the underlying fundamentals, then give detailed explanation through written, video and audio media. I find that very useful because it allows me to absorb the information she offers in multiple ways, reinforcing the lessons so I can fully grasp the material.

      Susan’s Getting The Money course offers a live event which she does once a year, the online course which is available 24/7. The course normally sells for $997 but you can get a discount right now for $497 for the Live Event and the complete course using this link:

      I am planning to attend this year’s Getting The Money Live Event in Denver to get Turbocharged on using private money. I can tell you you will not find a better value or a better teacher than Susan on the subject of learning private money.

      Thanks for your comment,

      Kurt Wells

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